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Our History

Weerts Construction began in 1973 operating under the name Weerts Sod & Seeding. Through the years, as we added more types of equipment, such as dump trucks, bulldozers, loaders, and excavators, we started taking on additional types of jobs. When it became apparent that we’d outgrown our original name, we changed it to Weerts Construction.

The summer of 1988 was particularly hot and our sod contractors could not supply enough sod for our construction projects so we branched out and started a new company called Blue Valley Sod so we would never run short again. Blue Valley Sod began with 20 acres of sod (which has since grown to over 1700 acres) and supplies all of the sod for Weerts Construction projects. We have worked hand in hand with Blue Valley Sod ever since.

More recently, the construction industry started changing as big companies began to dominate. Weerts Construction realized that we needed to change our way of thinking to stay competitive. We sold much of our construction equipment in 2006 and began concentrating more on the erosion control part of our business and thus forming and operating now as Erosion Control Plus. In this way we are able to do what we do best and work with other construction companies instead of against them. And that’s where we are today.

We work with many different types of contractors to fill a niche in the erosion control business, and we also continue to provide local service for those in need of sand, gravel, rock and various other jobs.

Please call us with any questions. We look forward to answering all your questions.